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 Farfallin. EU elections: The Results. No so much no ‘comment needed’ as ‘don’t waste your breath’. Besides Kenneth Williams, the need to quote Ecclesiastes is greater than ever. Once more, the turkeys have voted for Christmas For the benefit of those who don’t speak Catalan, here’s a translation of the caption: With every wash a Continue Reading


Insect Queen 2.0 Here’s another of those ever so helpful All-Purpose Gripe Indicators. To be used on whichever bee is currently buzzing around your bonnet. It was delivered to us yesterday, free of charge, by the latest Insect Queen to join the cause. I asked her to what or whom the text of her rant Continue Reading

Well Wishers

Wee Monsters. No comment needed, really, except a quick, brief-but-savage jeer at the endless hypocrisy of the soi-disant Free World, plague take them. As I said before, in imperial politics what’s good for the geese is seldom good for the gander. Gulf of Tonkin Incident, anyone? Douce Mí¨re de Bumba, priez pour nous!

Personal Gripes

Birthday Reds. Well, it makes a change from the old tiresome birthday blues, innit? So, 72 (tomorrow) and counting. I wonder when I’m going to get perfectly fed up with all this computing, computing! However, I’m still in good company and that counts for something. Look, even the Shub-Niggurath has joined the exquisite Li-Lo (another Continue Reading

I Spy, With My Little Whale…

Spymaster. Here is a snippet of Beluga tittle-tattle. Meet Captain Bubbles, Russian spymaster extraordinaire, singing the praises of The Service to a small crowd of rapt admirers. Well, one is rapt. The wee fish remains sceptic, as it’s his wont. He’s a very disenchanted creature, he is. (Well, he would be, wouldn’t he?) This Loony Continue Reading


Choices2. Well, it could have been so much worse, innit? My natural pessimism was predicting, Cassandra-like, a considerable victory for the three (increasingly rabid) right wing parties, wot would have coalesced immediately into a dread tripartite nightmare. As things stand, it’s bad enough that Vox has got in any sodding reps at all, and 24 Continue Reading