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Ch ch ch ch changes

Mongolian Variant. Aka The Return of Genghis Khan. And here they are again, our old friends the CV19 viruses! This lot are the latest soooon-come variety and they come all the way from far, far Mongolia, riding their shaggy yaks and singing their wild viral songs. Funny thing, these “variants: the South African, the Brazilian, Continue Reading

Oh, you vex me…vex me…

Pissed Off. The ultimate APGI. Good for any-&-all moans, groans, quibbles, bitches and invectives. Personally, today, I’d like to direct its malevolence to the Infernal Powers of The Other Site. As would my good friend the Red Baron, no doubt; so this is, in part, for him. Notice how Rosie is trying to still the Continue Reading

Years In, Years Out

Year 74. The actual shindig was on Tuesday but I haven’t felt like celebrating all that much (courtesy of the IDF and the Butcher of Beirut) so here’s the related doodle, a wee bit late. The party was OK if a bit low key, in the spirit of the past year, when most flags have Continue Reading

Something For The Weekend

A Close Shave. As promised here is the first account of the solo adventures of the two absconded proto-thingies from the down-under cave. They floated merrily in their peregrine bubble, hither and thither, and suddenly they were confronted by a particularly disturbing instance of the Perpetual Struggle Against Iniquity. Having listened to both the urban Continue Reading

New Girl In The Hood

Young Lamia. There she goes, the bright fledgling monster, out into the big bad world, a-hunting for delusional men and silly poets, for to lead them up the garden path and drive them up the wall. She will take some time out along her way to give wise counsel to credulous young women and ill-informed Continue Reading