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Genocides ‘R Us

For Shame. For Gaza. Again!for the Nth bloody time! (No pun intended.) How many more innocent Palestinians will have to be murdered in cold blood before the tide of gutless subservience to Israel’s genocidal mania turns in earnest and people start taking real, effective action against the psychopaths in power? How much longer will this Continue Reading

Family Affairs

Cosa Nostra. Traditions are like everything else, some are good (National Shoggothood Day is lovely) and some are crap (nationalisms of any and all colours are a mug’s game). And some, like female genital mutilation, are downright revolting, to say the least. But here is a nice little family custom: Zorro the Wonderdog, absent from Continue Reading

I’m Still Here!

Birthday Jungle. Ever since I turned 60 I’ve been pleasantly astonished by each subsequent birthday. I consider as something short of a miracle that they keep on happening. But there you have it; they do. And they keep on finding me, so far, pretty impenitent, frivolous and defiant. May this trend last for a bit Continue Reading

Class Wars

Just Passing Through. You know, some folks just can’t take a bit of style and a touch of class. The Badlands are riddled with this sad types, what can I say. To make up for that there are creatures like the Foxioid who know what is what. I’ll drink to them!