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Choices2. Well, it could have been so much worse, innit? My natural pessimism was predicting, Cassandra-like, a considerable victory for the three (increasingly rabid) right wing parties, wot would have coalesced immediately into a dread tripartite nightmare. As things stand, it’s bad enough that Vox has got in any sodding reps at all, and 24 is far, far, far too effing many. About the vast majority of ERC in Catalonia, the least said the better for my ulcer. As for Cs huge success ! don’t get me started.
Funny old thing, though. For once, it was the Right that fragmented into an unseemly (and uncharacteristic) display of high-pitched bitching and backstabbing. This kind of indecorous, not to say impractical, behaviour, generally befalls the Left’s encampment. Or our current Tory pigsty. It’s nice, though. Refreshing.
My best wishes (tempered by thin hopes) to don Pedrito and his merry lot of autochthonous quasi-New Labour clones.
Life goes on. Regardless. It must.
I can’t go on. I’ll go on.
Samuel Beckett
And she crawled on, do or die, in the serene weather.
Joseph Conrad

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