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We Are Family

Dirty Harriets. This is for my nieces, the Terrible Twins, know at home as the morochas, which is what you call girl twins in Venezuela, where they were born. May they stay as groovy as ever and give the male species a good ticking off. Or an in-depth dressing down, whichever they fancy best.

Travelling Companions II

Friends in Need. He’s been made redundant by the true monstrosities wot run the world. She’s had her home razed to the ground by same said bastards that made her little friend unemployed. So, they have teamed up for mutual care and company and, leaving behind all things past, they are taking the high road Continue Reading

Travelling Companions

Owl & Pussycat. The dashing fowl and the dancing kitty are at it again. A wee bit bored with their Bong-Tree paradise they’ve gone off, once more into the breach & all that. This time they have decided to do without the money .“but not the honey. The pea-green boat having retired, they are using Continue Reading

Home-Grown Commentariat

Puppies of Tindalos. Here’s just a little something to keep the juice flowing, now it seems to be back. See the acute Cagnolito of Tindalos and her mate, the Wholly Furious Fish, expressing their considered opinion on the subject of Brexshit, Theresa May, the Tories, that bunch of big girl’s blouses that call themselves the Continue Reading

Quantum Stasis Field Deactivated

Or that’s what we hope, anyway. It’s taken a sadly predictable event to shake me out of it and I’m only sorry that it was such a(nother) revolting display of unctuous cocksuckery that shook things up. Still, life is as life does and this days you grab, with both feeble hands, whatever chances of intellectual Continue Reading