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The Fashion Pack

Perhaps I ought to dedicate this to the memory of Amada Lear. But perhaps I won’t. The Uppity Ante’s name is Mary Lou. May her tribe live long and prosper and give all the pretentious  prats in the universe what for! The little fellow with the rope around his neck is Freddy, the hardy perennial Continue Reading

Sexual Politics

Arrested Development. Meet Adelita, a young mother of the Bufo Truncatus, or Truncated Toad species, a variety of alien mutant amphibian that never develops beyond the last tadpole stage. The babies grow a pair of arms early in the life cycle although they remain, for many-many-many moons, very small -but by no means fragile, highly Continue Reading

Local Politics

Text says: The Shoggoths and the Club Unpresentables propose. Infallible formula to cleanse the political scene in Catalunya: Decisiveness and De-Mas-ification. This is for my darling sister Teya and my delicious bro-in-law Joan. Both still grieving and heartbroken and furious at Mr Mas’ shenanigans. It’s all very well for me to take the piss of Continue Reading

Free-Floating Fun

It’s Roll up! Roll up! and Gather ’round time once more. Come see the latest in Outlandish Funfairs. Opening its Gates next week, three miles due east of Devil Reef and under the very noses of the Pentarchy of the Church of Father Dagon (Innsmouth, Mass.). Try your luck at the wondrous Heisenbergian Wheel of Continue Reading

Things Old and New

So the year is new, but how “new” will it be…ah, there’s the rub. Never mind. Have a happy one if you can possibly manage it. Be it only to be defiant. And to celebrate the New Year (for what it’s likely to be worth…) we have all chipped in to give the Shub-Niggurath a Continue Reading