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I Spy, With My Little Whale…

Spymaster. Here is a snippet of Beluga tittle-tattle. Meet Captain Bubbles, Russian spymaster extraordinaire, singing the praises of The Service to a small crowd of rapt admirers. Well, one is rapt. The wee fish remains sceptic, as it’s his wont. He’s a very disenchanted creature, he is. (Well, he would be, wouldn’t he?)
This Loony Tune was inspired by the latest-but-one chapter in the Russia-Done-It! deranged soap opera. The latest, of course, is the Barr-Him-and-Throw-Him-to-the-Dogs! dingdong. Which only shows that when people are determined to make prats of themselves nothing, not even inquiries, investigations, analysis, inspections, scrutiny and even hard evidence, will stop them from clinging like limpets to whatever notions, doctrines, dogmas, whathaveyous, make them feel safe and secure and comfortable. In other words, intellectual laziness is endless, unlike common sense and  goodwill.
What most gives me the giggles about this sorry-ass story, though, is the fact that inside the harness, they claim, was written “Equipment of St. Petersburg.. In English! Ain’t that considerate of the Russians? Next they’ll be posting helpful notices, in English, too, everywhere saying: Yes. We spy on you all. Every hour of every day. We know where you live. Moooo ha, ha ha!!
Here’s a link or two to the Belugosi romp. The second link is worth checking be it only for the extended footage of the darling whale. I had no idea that Belugas were that cute. Positively edible, what!
Also, as a bonus, an extra link to something that I knew was being done but I thought it was only done on the quiet, never acknowledged. It turns out that is an open and flourishing racket. Maybe I’ll get myself one of those to cheer me along!:-)
Rent-a-crowd? Those who rallied against Sessions, now protest his removal – YouTube

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