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Safe Again

Egypt. There you go. Something nice and safe and non-contentious. A pretty lady. A cute animal she’s borrowed from Honduran myffology. Trees, flowers and moonlight. All is fluffy again!for now. And it’s almost non-p’litical. Almost. Read the inscription along the trees flanking milady. Look at her face carefully. Extrapolate. Use your imagination. Have a nice Continue Reading

The Man Who Would Be King

KingBonk aka The Radish King. (un) rave. (pl. raves). n. : Catalan for radish. Also, as in the English “snap., something worthless, of little or no value. Like in the saying: “Aixo no m’importa un rave.= I don’t give a toss/I don’t care one bit about that. The quotation is from Salvador Espriu’s Primera historia Continue Reading

Deep Sea Shenanigans

Oh how I love to do things with borrowed & modified clipart! Here’s a little scene showing the rapture of the inhabitants of the DeepDeepDeep on discovering some unexpected gifts from an anonymous donor. See, nor everything is gloom & doom all the time. Long live frivolity!

Dangerous Clowns

Two Idiots. Question: Why is it that the moment anybody starts bandying about the words “freedom” and/or “self-determination” people’s brains seem to turn to mush and collapse into a little heap of uncritical, indiscriminating, romantic, often paranoid sentimentality? Let’s face it, Rajoy IS one of the ghastliest of all vicious, incompetent cretins you’ll ever see, Continue Reading

Something Old and Something Older

Maya Misses. Here be a couple of world-wise&weary lassies bringing you a useful, all-purpose caustic commentary on things in general and politics in particular. Use it as you see fit. Change the “he. to a “she. and you can use it on women too, from Hilary Clinton, to Nicole Kidman*, to that good old staple, Continue Reading