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Exotic Tribes & Fraternities

Tribal Squiggle2. Something cheery and colourful for the weekend. This are the Four Tadpoles of the Apocrylapsus and their All-Singing, All-Dancing Hermeneutic Bludgeons. They be the official badge of the Awkward Gits Syndicate clan of Lippy IV, near the Seven Sisters in the constellation of Taurus. They, the Gits, that is, dislike Freud and worship Continue Reading

End Days?

Moon Beasts & Mates. This is a wee rework/recycling of some old stuff that suddenly seems terribly apropos and relevant. Banana republic anyone? (Please notice how happy Yog-Sothoth looks. He knows that Their time is coming ’round again. And, frankly, I doubt that the rule of the Great Old Ones could be much worse or Continue Reading

Salvage Operatives

Flying Fortress. She’s like a gigantic Tardis; if you think she looks vast from the outside you ought to see her inner spaces: no end to them. Her larders and storerooms are inexhaustible. Her cellars are truly miraculous. She travels the places in between, rescuing the old and the poor, the rejected, the neglected, the Continue Reading

Oh, You, Pretty Things!

Star & Balloons. Waiting for the next rant (and this ‘orrid heat wave to subside), here’s some pretty stuff. We all like pretty stuff, innit? Good for the eyeballs. Keep cool, drink lots, stay indoors.

Royal Pains

Do My Bidding. aka The Madness of King Trump. You know someone has lost it for good when they start issuing decrees and universal orders. Not that I had any doubts, ever, that the Strumpet was a nutter. But by now it must have become clear to the most myopic and/or pusillanimous of observers that Continue Reading


Plant y pwll. Here’s a little something for Arthur Machen, writer of some of the weirdest, creepiest horror stories ever, and, I think, conflicted Welshman. That is, he seemed to love his native Wales to bits (and who wouldn’t?) but appeared to be in two minds about the origins of its people and the alleged Continue Reading

Gardener’s Delight

In The Garden. As every gardener worth her muck knows robust, healthy roots bring forth vigorous plants which will produce prosperous flowers which in due course will become delicious fruit. Now, to have strong roots you need good soil. Good soil relies on on good manure. Good manure is largely based on waste matter; so, Continue Reading

Words, Words, Words…

Foxis of Tindalos. What’s that? You though because having done the Cagnolitos and the Tadpoles I’d stop mining the Tindalos vein? Think again. Here be the delicious Foxis, also native (if the term can be applied to these creatures) of the same enigmatic and dicey locality. They have temporarily deserted their home dimension (again, a Continue Reading