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Inner Logistics and Groovy Shindigs

 It’s good to know where one is. The more so if you are a free-floating Ronin Balloon with a tendency to getting lost, especially in the Badlands. Thank Bumba for helpful creatures like the Hospitality Birdie and the Silly Clouds. PS. The paranoid-looking wee flower has an excruciatingly sad story of her own and a Continue Reading

No quieres caldo?

My politics are not popular. We knew that. Still, the more they are disliked, the more the p’litical stuff bubbles out. Preverse, I call it… So, have the latest batch. Fishy shenanigans. Decisions, decisions… The story so far. 1. The button. I don’t know what the button does. 2. The Tadpoles. Well…Tadpoles will be Tadpoles, Continue Reading

Shall We Dance?

A great wind has risen from the South, tearing a breach between the worlds and carrying in its wake BoulderGirl and her Companions and her spinning Wibbles. See her come leaping over the Mountains of Madness, to bring us the merry dance of chakra scrubbing (whatever a chakra may be when it’s at home), for Continue Reading


Here’s wishing you all a happy Serpentine’s Day, this year’s groovy alternative to that other Mawk-Fest, Valentine’s Day, aka Consume, Consume You Mad Fools II. Observed and celebrated by aether drifting Serpents, insurgent Shoggoths, absconded Lloigor, defecting Larvae of the Final Void, educated Snails, stroppy Gorgons, sundry Monsters and other such like truly chic Entities, Continue Reading

Anti-Feasty. Prelude

What with Serpentine’s Day drawing in on us all, the Uncertain Zones are beginning to stir and bubble like a clutch of baby snakes. Taking advantage of a briefly operational tunnel between their worlds, the Free-Floating SpiderThing and her Shadow have popped in to visit their friends the Rugose Vermicelli and to bring them the Continue Reading