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Tea & Sympathy

Have Some Tea. Aka Doom & Gloom in the UK. The kindly Cockney Care Bear is offering tea & sympathy to a poor refugee from the End-Days DisUnited Kingdom. The poor expat is severely traumatized by a recent encounter with the Clown-In-Chief and some of his most sinister and/or moronic stooges, sicari and axe-men (and Continue Reading

The New Subnormal

Scandal2. Language matters! For the Nth time: corrupt the language = corrupt the mind = corrupt the behaviours. Today it’s “probably. or “almost certainly., tomorrow will be “your neighbour is a controversial (= evil), dangerous witch/terrorist. and out will come the torches and the pitchforks and the public lynchings. And that nice person next door, Continue Reading

Identity Politics

Identikit2. In these ghastly days of All-Pervading Hysteria and Heightened Sensibilities everyone seems to be running around like headless chickens, and falling over themselves to (pretend to) apologize for something, or flogging sundry dead horses. Or defining themselves -against what is never very clear. So, for once, as an exception to my excellent guiding principle Continue Reading

New Oldies

Red Anteater. Aka Brief Encounter VII. For “Auntie. Fran. An unexpected stardust blizzard hits the Not-So-Bad-Lands and causes an abnormal meeting of creatures: the Red Badger, tutelary spirit of the groves, meets an absconded giant anteater. Much puzzlement, initial confusion and eventually spontaneous merrymaking ensues. Tea and coffee are dispensed by the (invisible) dryads and Continue Reading