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Medication … Sorry, Election Time.

Tadpoles of Tindalos. Considerably less known and even more poorly understood than their compadres, the notorious Hounds, the Tadpoles of Tindalos are some of the most enigmatic denizens of that most inscrutable of meta-dimensional layers. Like their canine counterparts they are keen on angles, but unlike the Cagnolitos they have a certain elastic tolerance of Continue Reading

Demonette Qualms

Doing One’s Best. Sometimes she doubts her ability to do her very best and she thinks “If this isn’t It, it will have to do until the real thing comes along.” She needn’t worry. The little flaming cyclops are thoroughly delighted with their new playmates.

Lowbrow Philosophy

Causality for Parasites. Forged in the debating furnaces of Ms Frumpette Fiddlesticks Dialectic Salon, Herminia, the Polemic Chicken, can be seen here trying to persuade a couple of itinerant parasites to leave her bloodstream alone, laying great emphasis in the consequences of not following her advice. The small but perfectly formed Webbed Worm has no Continue Reading

Deep Digging

There is archaeology and then there’s paleo-archaeology. This is it. This is so ancient, so remote, so far-far-and-away that I suspect it never happened and it was all a dream I had, once, sometime, somewhere, caused by some outlandish mind-food I ate. I can’t believe I was ever that young, that naive and that blissfully Continue Reading