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Two Sunrises

Here’s a couple of sunrise scenes. Let it never be said I’m all Gloom & Doom. Well Met. In her quest for kindred spirits, young Miss BattyBall has been travelling along the Via Spaccata for many moons, on her way to the Open Marshes. Half a mile before the Fuzzy Crossroads, where the Via intersects Continue Reading

New Toys

I’ve got a new toy; a new app for the tablet. I actually paid for this app, believe it or not. Other than being pixelatious, as opposed to vectoroid, it’s quite groovy. It’s called ArtRage and this is my first serious attempt to get something out of it. The scene takes place somewhere in the Continue Reading

Have Some Poetry In Your Soul

Weeping Lizards. For Federico, who wrote, and for Paco, who sang, and for Maria Clara, who likes them both. El lagarto está llorando. La lagarta está llorando. El lagarto y la lagarta con delantaritos blancos. Han perdido sin querer su anillo de desposados. ¡Ay, su anillito de plomo, ay, su anillito plomado! Un cielo grande Continue Reading