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Idle Chitchat

The Conversation. Being a devout sceptic my life tends to drive back rather than attract The Weird Stuff, aka paranormal phenomenon. With the honourable exception of synchronicity, that is, which happens regularly if not all that often. 80% of the time these coincidences are meaningless but very amusing. The remaining 20% are truly uncanny because Continue Reading

Two Tails Good II

Two-Tailed Happiness. Mini-Series Tapestries. No. III Just in case the giggles and the anti-gravity workshop failed to “elevate. your mood, here’s a last resort solution. Take yourself to the very edges of the Seriously Exotic Fringes. Invoke the genius loci aka local tutelary entities. Present a burnt offering of the entrails of Priti Patel. Drop Continue Reading

Survival Of The Unfittest.

IkerNardlyBleevit. If proof was still needed that we are run by a bunch of single-brain-cell dickheads this should be it: https://www.rt.com/sport/529871-norway-beach-handball-bikini-sexism-row/ The poor possum-like creature is flabbergasted and wonders, as do many of us, how much longer can we survive this deplorable Governance By Stupid. Linguistic note. The title is an in-joke, lifted bodily from Continue Reading

Tapestry. No. II

Ingravity. Mini-Series Tapestries. No. II. Book now for the latest Defying Gravity* Without Tears weekend workshop organized by the Floating Doodahs of Upper Drift Magna. Free of charge and open to all creatures in righteous distress. Free lunch and complimentary goody bag containing a PDF pirate transcript of the R’lyeh Fragments, a jar of the Continue Reading

Tapestry. No.1. Tittering

The Giggles. Mini-Series Tapestries. No. I (A set of three doodles with slight variations of the same background) When laughter fails there’s always the giggles, like Hope at the bottom of Pandora’s box. And of those there are as many as there are reasons for them. Here be an example of something that has caused Continue Reading

Sneaky Procreation

Generations. aka Fractious Fractals. Emilia and Amelia, two highly respectable, thoroughly decorous twin snakes indigenous to the Midway Drift, have given synchronic birth each to a mess of hatchlings. The babies appear to have fractal tendencies. It’s easy to predict that they’ll grow up to be unruly bunches and that they will evolve into troublesome, Continue Reading

Gloomy Meditations

Sad Mandala. Things have perked up a wee bit since I finished this here doodle but since you never know when you’re gonna need a melancholy version of the ever-useful APGI, here goes this sombre mandala, for to meditate on the brevity of life, the fickleness of pretty boys and the overabundance of creeps of Continue Reading