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Carefree Travellers

Patchwork Entities. Behold the Mishmash Man, also known as the Bits & Pieces Man. He was made with leftovers, discarded stuff from the cast off creations of several smarty-pants bombastic demiurges, by a down&out avant-garde sorcerer with a taste for recycling. He travels the Uncertain Shifts with his spiky owlets and a couple of defrocked Continue Reading

No More Good Fights, Oh!

Quarrelling. Of course, one would do best to stick to Master Sun’s tactics and try for subduing the enemy without fighting. Mariano Rajoy, the erstwhile prime minister of Spain, used to be very good at this sort of thing, or a variety of it: he’d beat about the bush at nauseam, doing nothing, deciding nothing Continue Reading

Another Fierce Creature

NoliMe Tangere. Word to the wise.Do not piss this small damsel off. If you do she will surely slap your face with her luminous (and possibly radioactive) wet kippers. You’re welcome. A brief note on the use of the word “peasant(s) as used amongst ourselves (us chickens and the Family). See the following extract from: Continue Reading


Good Moves. The “what might have been. game is one of my top ten favourite heartbreakers. To wit. Imagine if you will, Botany Bay (which the autochthonous people called Gamay), 34°00’16. South 151°13’04. East, January 26th 1788. Arthur Philip and his Fleet of the Doomed lands to find the place deserted of both man and Continue Reading