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You Have Been Duomo’d!

Well, this poor bloke is not quite in the same league as the one who shoe’d Georgy “One-Braincell Porgy” Bush, but in these entropic days we most take our Schadenfreude where we find it, innit? Update 19/12/09 And to keep that lot company, a nice lady. Just don’t fuck with her… Update 28/12/09 I’m feeling Continue Reading

A Shaggy-Rat Story

Once upon a time there were some Rats. Not you common or garden variety but the PanDimensional & TranSubstantial kind. Ultra Rats, you could say. One day I might tell you the whole story. One of these Rats, Calpurnia of The Romans by name, has been expecting her first batch of babies for sometime now. Continue Reading

The Enemy Within & Other Stories

Poor Manolito’s been having a hard time, lately. And from those who call themselves his mates, no less. Ah, friends…don’t you love them? Oh, well, have his take on things. And a few new cards. The one in colour is an Xtra, for my good Flick’r compadre, the groovy Patricio Villaroel.