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Sundry Heartaches

Shock. Horror, gloom & doom. Away for a few days. Off to dreaded Barcelona. Unwilling and unready but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, worse luck. I just pray to the sweet, patient mother of Bumba that I’ll be able to resist the irresistible urge to incinerate yellow ribbons. Or estelades. Continue Reading

Confutate! Maledite!

The Bug’s Lament. Here, as a free public service, is one of those useful, All-purpose Grievance Indicator tools I love so much. Just enter your gripe of choice along an imaginary line, anywhere you fancy, and you’re off! Brexshit anyone? Incoming Spanish elections? Carles Puigdemont’s brain .“or lack thereof? Turning Point’s tactics? The choices are Continue Reading

Marginal Festivities

Anti-Valentine 2019. There must be an irony somewhere in the fact that when I’m in the Great Dumps the best solace comes from monsters, oddballs, dissidents, mutineers and fauna of that ilk. Thus with this year’s Anti-Mawk  Festival. Too despondent to organize the usual alternative merry shindig, I was thinking of cancelling it when the Continue Reading

More Sexual Politics

Warning. Transgression is the new law. Edgy is the new norm. Submission is the new rebellion. Internalized masochism rules supreme. The New Doormat is the new heroine. McSex is best. All is topsy-turvy and “we’re loving it..  A recent(ish) survey on relationships in Spain amongst the 15/29 year olds revealed that a staggering average of Continue Reading

Crumbling Empires

Red Teddy. For Venezuela. Postcard from the icy outer marches. You know that these are truly bad times when a big strapping MegaTeddy goes around carrying teddy bears of his own. Indeed, these are times beyond awfulness, what with Brexit looming and the Imperial Mafias going in full tilt for a hard coup d’état in Continue Reading