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Seasonal Sadness

Splatter Bugs. Shock. Horror. Misery, gloom and doom. I’ve got a touch of the dooms! The clocks go back today. Tomorrow, by 5pm it’ll be as dark and murky as Henry Kissinger’s soul. So, to keep the spirits up I invoked whichever jolly entity might be nearest me to come and correct my dejection and Continue Reading


Shoggy Evolution. The Shoggoths are ten years old this autumn. They burst into my life at the end of a particularly interesting October in 2008, evolved from a Japanese frog that then became my third Cthulhu. But the Great Old Dreamer subsequently acquired a more traditional shape, with tentacles and claws and wings and all Continue Reading

Sinners and Saints

Ivan the Horrible. Aka The Russian Plot (La trama rusa.) Here, have a sort of anti-saint to pray to or curse fluently whenever anything goes wrong in your lives. For it’s now official: Russia in general and Putin in particular are responsible for all the ills that plague this feckless world. This, and that “burden Continue Reading

Walks on the Wild Side

In the Forest. Oops Ibn Niggurath, our fearless traveller and adventurer, has hit the road again with his faithful companion, Meena the Wee Worm. Today they have reached the forest of the Numinous Muffin Trees where they’ve come upon sundry residents of that most sheltering and comforting of jungles: four refugees from the Great Catalan Continue Reading

Monster Morals

Vindication. Last night the monsters were restless. I could hear them shuffling around in the cellar, muttering indistinct mutterings, so I went down to see what was going on and to suggest some hot chocolate to soothe their savage breasts. The New Arrival was going into one, that’s all. In the end I made coffee Continue Reading


Mystic Squid. Say hello and goodbye to Mitzy the squid. Until yesterday she was quite an ordinary squid, doing her squiddy bit in the watery depths. But last week she had an epiphany whilst watching the latest global warming denier’s rant on YouTube. So, she decided that the oceans were becoming far too uncool to Continue Reading