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Blues, Glorious Blues

Long time no do a proper, undiluted Loony Tune. No politics, no meaning, no depths. Just mindless sweet silliness. Behold, the Cyclopic Teddy is come visiting his friends in The DeepDeepDeep. The marine creatures are massively excited and happy. All is fluffy.

The Pleasures of Purloining

 This here thingy is made entirely of bits of clipart I found out there to which I’ve “done things”; most of it came pre-loaded into a new app I got recently. The tree came from an app called Mandalas wot does…well, mandalas, would you believe it. Actually, the mandalas are already “made” and you just Continue Reading

Two Relevant Reds

There, some relevance. The Road is an upgrade of something so ancient that really I have forgotten how the original came into being. The second story is that “In them early days things were pretty jumbled and very hazy and nobody quite knew what was what. Creatures came upon one another and wondered and puzzled Continue Reading

Birthday Blues Preview

Tempus fugit vertiginously fast; gloria mundi transits like it’s going out of fashion; Carthage is being destroyed relentlessly over and over; my elderly bones sing a droning dirge from dawn till dusk. And I have become a tedious statistic to people that once pledged their knowledge and their endeavours to the promotion of the wellbeing Continue Reading