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Easter Wednesday

Herd Agonies. The “Russia Did It!. hysteria grows and lives long and prospers, I see. Oh, well! It does its job of distracting the hoi polloi from the real issues behind the hoo-hah: a disastrous Brexit, paedophile rings in Westminster, American freckled gas, and so on. Even the FaceFuckingBook & Cambridge Analytica scandal has been Continue Reading

In Bugs We Trust

Baby Bug. For Aki Kaurismí¤ki, who puts his trust in Dogs. The Red Mood persists. I’m considering making a copy with the text in Catalan, changing the Boris bits to, say Puigdemont -or any of those pathetic “exiled. non-starters wold-be candidates to the presidency of the Generatitat– and sending it to my little brother, who Continue Reading

Another Memorial

For Mai Lai. Not much to comment, really. The Vietnamese are still paying for the effects of Agent Orange and there are people all over the world that still defend the mendacious, utterly unpardonable invasion of Vietnam; and even those who dismiss  the Mai Lai massacre as “a slight mix-up”. No end to people’s wilful Continue Reading

Reasons to Be Cheerful. No. 376

Russia March 18th 2018. Now, before you go reaching for the sackcloth and the ashes, think of how very, VERY much  this is going to piss off Theresa May, and Boris Johnson, and Gavin “Spiderman” Williamson, and Andrew Marr, and Jonathan Freedland, and Mario Vargas Llosa (but not Henry Kissinger , alas; he’s unpissoffable). See? Continue Reading

Futile Memorials

Ciénaga Culture Dogs. Actually, in the original Ciénaga (Argentina) pattern that another fit of  “cultural appropriation. inspired this lot, they’re supposed to be llamas. But that’s neither here nor there. My beasties are dogs and that’s that. This family snap is for all the pre-Columbian cultures of South America that were wiped out, totally or Continue Reading

DIY Guide to to Bewildered. I

Socratic Whirls. Real happiness, like true love, is in short supply these days. There’s a lot of ersatz geniality, frenetic joviality, spasmodically hysterical fun and veritable truckloads of prefabricated bliss, but not genuine, fulfilling, life-giving happiness. In part because it’s boycotted, when not actually demonized, by The Man’s Machine because it’s too subversive, and in Continue Reading

Futile Gestures

Vanitas Variation. Itches must be scratched. I’ve been itching for some time now to do a re-take of the old subject and my own previous version. Also, something with a Doomsday Clock in it. Another Vanitas seemed the perfect excuse.


Love Birds. Birds wrapped in a bubble of solipsistic love, in a Love Garden, observed with forensic amazement by another couple of birdies. Totally unrelated and certainly not intentionally, I nevertheless dedicate this ‘ere doodle to all the Spanish girls who have taken to the streets, blocked roads, disrupted public life and made a wonderful Continue Reading

Another Obituary, Alas

Alien Altarpiece. I (from the Enigmatic Alien Cults series.) In Memoriam. Antonio Fraguas de Pablo “Forges.. 17 January 1942 .“ 22 February 2018 Last week another loved one, one of those I’ve never met but who had been with me from way, way back, climbed the cypress’ path, to put it with The Poet (Salvador Continue Reading