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Dream A Little Dream of Glee

By the Sea. (This one is for the folks at the Met Office and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.) I have a dream. I’m sitting by the sea, listening to the shipping forecast, musing dark musings and watching time trolling past, when a colossal and kindly sea serpent called Teresina, like my maternal grandmother, pops Continue Reading

Further Myffos For Beginners

Here be a couple of compadritos wot have recently joined the Family.  Mistah Fox. He very angrysad to looksee peoples nobrainy iniquities. Mistah Fox he cry manymany angrysad tears and he make bigbig rain and bigbig rain make bigboggy flood for to carry big trouble awash. There. Next time Mistah Fox come see you you Continue Reading

Politics, Politics, Politics. All Is Politics

Another Fine Mess! Candidates? Take your pick: Tory policy at large; the impending TTIP; the looming American election; Boris Johnson’s gob; Teresa May’s brain; 99% of the Knesset; the BBC, the Daily Mail, Simon Stevens, Atos “Healthcare. … No shortage of runners, indeed. Please feel free to suggest your own top three un-favourites. Brief Encounter Continue Reading