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Two Monochrome Misses

Florence. Meet Florence, twin sister to the Gothette of a few weeks ago. Unlike the Wromantic Miss, this one one talks a lot. And loud. And forcefully. Hence the ShoggieGuards. They think she needs keeping an eye on, owing to her big mouth and her proclivity for telling things as she sees fit, and she Continue Reading

Echo Chambers

The Musrooms Lament aka Young Saurian. The Wild Mushrooms have come to lodge a complaint with the youngest of the Guardians of the Forest Primaeval: rains are late and poor, their habitat is being turned into golf courses, the art of non-destructive mushroom hunting is being lost, etc. The Crusty Emissary to the Powers of Official Continue Reading

We Are Family

Birth Day in Honduras. A riotous, joyful scene at the Inn of the Nine Boons, in the Southern Borderlands. The Siamese Jaguar Twins are about to give birth to yet another batch of chubby Hippopoids, much to their cousins’ delight. The parturition is only relatively painful but the Twins are natural born drama queens and Continue Reading

The Good Fight

The Critics. No comment needed, really. Stay alert, stay awake, stay stubborn. And if you feel like an informative giggle, have a shufti at this: https://www.rt.com/op-edge/409863-theresa-may-russia-threat/

Nation-States of the Mind

The Alien Maker. Meet don Fidelito, the Alien Maker. He hails from Bilbao and he makes Aliens, that’s what he does. In his spare time, that is. He works part-time as a Fifth Columnist in the Mainstream Media Underminers International and chips in two afternoons a week at the local Anarco-Syndicalist Cabaret as Maracas & Continue Reading

Another Anniversary

Floaters. OK, so the Russian Revolution failed pretty soon and pretty spectacularly and ended up in floods of Stalinist tears, further rivers of blood of the Long-Suffering Saintly Proletariat and bad art. But that’s because a) people are idiots and b) it was not a R-Evolution, just more of the same. Still, it was good Continue Reading

Anniversaries, Cui Bono?

Bob’s Your Uncle. This one is, as much as for the usual deserving, for poor Norman Finkelstein, who’s in the soup again and this time not for opening his big mouth and telling it as it is, as per normal, but for helping a friend in need. Oy vey… Stay stubborn Norman!   http://normanfinkelstein.com/