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Messengers. For the lovely (and ineffable) Premila, Da (of the Desert), Eric Fromm and, for the pure hell of it and because he got the ball rolling, for poor old dead Terenci Moix. The caption is not a pun, not really; or not only. Meet Eleuterio, the free & easy clairvoyant, emissary to the Fringe Badlands Numina. He reports stuff as and when has been decreed by said High Spirits. He has a girlfriend called Cassandra whom nobody likes because she goes around saying things like ‘Dooooom’d we be! Doooooom’d! I’ve got a touch of the dooooms!.’ But Eleuterio loves her dearly because she’s kind and sweet and funny and in between gloomy prophecies she mixes the meanest bullshots this side of the Delta (of the Mighty Urook). Have a sponditious week.

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Name: Dolores

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