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Watching The Psychos

King Clown Watch. (No. 19.) Here be the ever-useful subatomic particles Smith and Jones, shining stars of the Far Fringes Commentariat, expressing their considered opinion on the latest tactics dripping from No. 10 to get rid of as many as possible of the superfluous, non-productive, non-consuming, pension-cashing members of this our wonderful Late-Late Crapitalist society. Continue Reading

Precious Things

 Snakes & Spirals. It’s a little known fact that our galaxy is guarded by a couple of hyper snakes called Tilly and Tully who are distant cousins of Odile, the Strident Sneak. Tilly is the mother of Tully. Tully is very young, a little vain and still a bit wet behind the ears but she’ll Continue Reading

Feline Wisdom

FraidyCats2. No comment needed. Let the moggies do the talking. But…have a shufti at this: https://www.thecanary.co/uk/analysis/2020/03/18/the-tories-just-revealed-the-most-terrifying-part-of-their-coronavirus-plan/

Fierce Creatures

JellyFish2. Again, feel free to associate this image & message to the inept handling of the CV-19 predicament by our dear leaders; or to the puke-inducing servile party line taken by the Daily Mail re. King Clown’s latest “cute. proclamations. Personally I dedicate it to one of my favourite objects of my contempt: the creators, Continue Reading

Doing A Churchill

Doing Your Bit 4 Britain. aka Churchill ’em to death! That is what the wee bastard is dong isn’t it? Trying to Churchill the nation into dying and dying happy. And the worse? That so many drones & zombies will buy it. Some people have been waiting a long time for a return to the Continue Reading

Moving On

Evolutions.  Here be two modest depictions of the joys and agonies of evolution. Feel free to associate them to the latest crowned-pain-in-the-butt hysteria. Or to the engineered success of that King of Gaga, Joe Biden. Or any other subject of your affection and/or detestation, it’s all the same to the little ones.


Shubby&Co48M. Generally I avoid “Days. like the plague but sometimes is nice to make the odd exception. Here’s one. This is for all the mad, bad and dangerous to know brave girls wot will take to the streets tomorrow to tell rancid masculinity what is what. A las barricadas, quillas! Por la sangre derramada! Que Continue Reading

Stringing Along

Puppet. She’s lost her head, poor thing. (Mind you, I can’t blame her. What with all the latest Crapitalism’s shenanigans; and now our own Psycho-In-Chief about to reproduce. Oh, the horror!The horror! Perhaps there’s something to be said for selective eugenics after all.) Anyways, we think the Honourable Oops Ibn-Niggurath, our favourite judge, may be Continue Reading