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The Same to You Doubled!

Fetch. I agree, it’s pretty unsettling to come face to face with your dead ringer (they do have such a bad press, poor things), but I’m sure that the experience is equally uncomfortable for the fetch itself. Think about it and spare a thought for these much maligned entities. Have a sponditious week. And a Continue Reading


Four Worlds. Four worlds and then four more with a nest of sneaky possibilities all around for good measure. And we the people stuck in the middle in Fifth World, surrounded by clowns, jokers, psychopaths and idiots, with no way out in sight other than global cataclysm and extinction. (Where is a good old sipapu Continue Reading

Shall We Dance?

Defy & Dance. So life is mostly shit and the future looks increasingly bleak, both at the personal and the planetary level; and the bedlam, mayhem and wanton destruction continue apace; and anytime now Priti Patel will take over the country and then we’ll be really & truly fucked; and the journey up the cypresses’ Continue Reading

Trolling Along

Fuzzy DingDong. In this wretched universe there are sad, sad folks whose lives seem to be so mindless and so hollow that the only way they can feel good about themselves is by insulting people gratuitously and, apparently, at random. By and large they are clumsy and dull in their approach; they also seem to Continue Reading

Carping On

Prickly Peer. Meet Beatrix Baldovina Ermengarde Benicia Leonora Endorina de Stroopp Dampmantel-Grouchevsky, Betty Boo! to her friends and Batty Betty to her foes. She’s a peer of the realm of Grumpinghastia and seventy-third in line to the Most Exalted Cranky Seat. Her chances of ever ascending the Eleven Razor Steps leading to the highest office Continue Reading

GFI (Gorgon’s Film Institute)

In The Forest. Here goes yet another chapter of that old caper, the Crappy Movies Rehabilitated series, Brief Encounter sub-section. Like all the previous incarnations, this is a small mystery tale. Why is the mother flower in such a hurry that she has no time to exchange a bit of tittle-tattle with the local fauna? Continue Reading


Going Viral. Here they are again our old friends the viruses with a few opinions on the latest governmental “policies. (to used a charitable word for them) and snippets of virus-wisdom. Have a lovely weekend.