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Balancing Acts

Libra. The Scales. Air. Cardinal. Under the wing of a less “corporeal. Venus than Taurus, with which it shares its love of beauty and harmony, Libra essentially is concerned with balance; both in its own right and as a road into harmony and beauty and, at the end of this path, fairness and justice. Librans Continue Reading

Groovy Girls

Virgo. The Celestial Maiden. Sometimes known as The Cornmaiden. Earth. Mutable. In cahoots with the more sedate side of Mercury, she’s a more reticent communicator than the Heavenly Twins and she often keeps her thoughts to herself. Both intellectual and practical, highly discerning and very good at dismantling flimflam, she’s intensely analytical and will sometimes Continue Reading

A Lion And A Pussycat

Leo. The Lion. Fire. Fixed. Embraced and ruled (and therefore sometimes obscured) by the Sun, giver (and taker) of life, pleasure and holidays in Benidorm. Naturally confident, dramatic and flamboyant, Leos can be warm-hearted and generous to a fault if in a good mood. Or mean to the point of pettiness if they think you’ve Continue Reading

Deep Musings

Pissed Off Deep One. aka They Dynamited Y’ha-Nthlei, They Did, The Bastards! Nothing to add to his little harangue, really. I couldn’t have put it better myself. And thank Bumba for the comforting Sneak. Our savage breasts would all be lost without her soothing sympathy. ‘ere, ‘ave a little music to go with the pic. Continue Reading

More Zodiac Shenanigans

Cancer. The Crab. Water. Cardinal. Ruled by the Moon, patron saint of poets and lunatics. Moody. Droll and charming if and when they feel like it. Stroppy and obstreperous if the spirit takes them the wrong way. Also caring to the point of soppiness and capable of a persistence verging on perversity. Exceptionally sensitive and Continue Reading

Celestial Twins

Gemini. The twins. Air. Mutable. Under the aegis of Hermes/Mercury, patron god of travel, communication, boundaries, commerce, luck, trickery and thieves. (And by extension, mediatic hermeticism and political flimflam.) Here we can see them bearing news, both good and bad. Good: John Bolton’s toast. Bad: Boris is still in 10, Downing St. Well, there’s always Continue Reading

Celestial Maps

Zodiac 1&2. Aries & Taurus. I have been dilly-dallying for nearly two years about this but it seems that the stasis finally is breaking up. The impulse of doing a Zodiac springs from and boils down to the fact that most of the characters in it are animals. So here goes the first two beasties, Continue Reading

Mystic Mag

The Watcher. This is a reproduction of the stained glass rosette that graced the front of the old decrepit church at the top of Federal Hill, Providence, RI, where the cult of the Starry Wisdom took temporary residence until its outlandish shenanigans became too much and the local authorities closed it down and disbanded the Continue Reading