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Siamese Trees. aka Cada uno en su casa y Dios en la de todos. For Ukraine 3.0, of course. And for Yemen and for Syria and for all the other wretched counties afflicted by the Masters of the Universe’s thirst for power and domination and meddling and demented delusions of ‘democracy’ exporting. Plague take them Continue Reading


Twin Hearts. AntiValentine 2022. And here we are again, my friends, taking the piss of that goofy invented tradition that’s Valentine’s Day. Just like last year, though, it’s hardly worth the effort to mock it, so somnolently it’s being pushed by the Holy Markets. Why, going by what I see on the idiot-box, only the Continue Reading

Big Truths

Messengers. For the lovely (and ineffable) Premila, Da (of the Desert), Eric Fromm and, for the pure hell of it and because he got the ball rolling, for poor old dead Terenci Moix. The caption is not a pun, not really; or not only. Meet Eleuterio, the free & easy clairvoyant, emissary to the Fringe Continue Reading