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Insect Queen 2.0 Here’s another of those ever so helpful All-Purpose Gripe Indicators. To be used on whichever bee is currently buzzing around your bonnet. It was delivered to us yesterday, free of charge, by the latest Insect Queen to join the cause. I asked her to what or whom the text of her rant was addressed and she said “Take your pick, girl.. And so can you. Climate apocalypse? The latest Irangate? Bogus chlorine attacks in Syria? EU elections? Mr Mike Pompino’s newest caper? Trade war with China? Systematic attempts at destabilizing Russia? The Assange saga? As usual, the choices are endless, worse luck. I include a few informative and/or entertaining links on the various subjects of our discontent. Now, I must be off to buy some Russian vodka, Iranian caviar to feed the local cats (I hate caviar, myself) and a nice Huawei tablet. Have a grand weekend.






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