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Falling In Love Again

Right. As I was saying. The Tarot deck revision is up & running & coming along nicely. In fact, I’m getting to fall in love with the cards all over again. Or at leastl, some of them anyway. This one, today’s lot, for instance. One of my favourite in the whole deck (any deck). But this new version has beasties and flowers and the ambiguity of its meaning is emphasized, if I may say so without sounding too drastic and…well, not ambiguous enough. And to keep it company, a leetle p’litical rant for all of us who are sick entirely with the old moronic question of the bloody Falklands/Malvinas. Oh, yes, and the back of the cards as well. Update 10/03/10 And today’s special is … Death! Note. The skellies are not Mexican. They be Tibetan. So. Plus, have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. Update 18/03/10 And here be a variation of the back of the cards for a Flick’r pal who calls himself Visual Fuck (priceless!) and who’d like a t-shirt with snakes. Here you go, mate. Up.d. 10/03/10 Voila, the new Fool. Update 23/03/10 And a few more new old things. Update 26/03/10 And some more. 27/03/10 More!


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Name: Dolores

3 Replies to “Falling In Love Again”

  • No habí­a visto el reverso de las cartas. ¿Van a tener versión impresa? Serí­an unas obras excepcionales.

    Saludos frescos.

    • Dolores Post author

      Lo puse en Flick’r hace unos dias. Me gusta a mi tambien, tanta serpiente y eso. Las cartas, pues mira estaba pensando en robar un banco para financiar una edicion impresa limitada de unas 30 barajas o asi. Si lo del banco no me sale bien, voy a ver que hay en mi miserable hucha. Igual pa’ 30 barajitas hay. Hace tiempo que no me paso por tu blog. Corrijo casi de inmediato. (Bueno, cuando vuelva de la calle). Saludos primaverales.

  • Irvina Mitchell

    Round cards work with degrees not reversals. Whereas the cards be black and white living has a lot of gray in it… with degrees of meaning not totally one thing not totally another. I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Round Tarot Cards :).


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