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The End Is Nigh

It truly is. One more Cup, the notorious Devil and…that’s it, folks. Thank Bumba I still have the mammoth revisionist task ahead, otherwise I’d have ginormous withdrawal symptoms. Anyways, here goes. Update 02/03/10 I’ve been meaning to do this ever since he died, but you know how it is. Well, it’s done. Goodbye Howard, you heart-breaker, you… Update 07/03/10 The last but one. Ah, the cold turkey,the cold turkey… NB. This one features a botijo, just because the lovely Señor Ubé hinted (ever so nicely) that perhaps … You know… The botijo contains a particularly heady variety of Valdepeñas. Salut! (Hic!) Update 08/03/10 And so we come to the end of a very, very long road. It is done. But, thank Bumba, not dusted. I’ll have nearly as much fun revising and re-thinking the whole damned thing. Life is sweet. Sometimes. Update 14/03/10 The Great Revisionist Endeavour is up & running. Here’s the first revised card, a great improvement over the original, as it has a perrrrrito, and the symbols are more  and more accurate.


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