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The Saga Continues

The Great Revision proceeds smoothly and more than pleasantly. Here’s the last one. Better than Odin hanging from whatsitsname thinggy tree? Update 04/04/10 And here’s another one. Nay, two. Update 07/05/10 No, I haven’t gone anywhere, really. Just been living more on Flick’r that here. The Revised Majors are all done. Here are the last of that lot.


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Name: Dolores

2 Replies to “The Saga Continues”

  • Irvina Mitchell

    I am excited to see that you are looking for a publisher!! Want to get my hands on these cards…. still want to.

    • Dolores Post author

      Thanks, Irvina. I mus say looking for a publisher is proving to be easier than finding one. Still, I’ll keep trying. And I’ll keep you posted.


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