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Fuzzy DingDong. In this wretched universe there are sad, sad folks whose lives seem to be so mindless and so hollow that the only way they can feel good about themselves is by insulting people gratuitously and, apparently, at random. By and large they are clumsy and dull in their approach; they also seem to be totally devoid of any sense of humour, irony and anything reassembling subtlety. Douglas Adams came out with Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged as an approximation to what I’m talking about. (see: http://hhgproject.org/entries/wowbagger.html ) Only Wowbagger had a certain grandeur, since he was the man-with-a-mission type of geezer. The one in the picture isn’t; ergo, hasn’t. He’s just pathetic. He jumps abruptly upon travellers along the Gran Via Gloriosa and gives them an unsolicited piece of his fatuous mind. To their credit, most the thus assailed passers by either totally ignore the poor blighter or they give him a good what for in return. He (the poor blighter) has a small captive balloon (globo cautivo in Spanish) that wishes to hell it had a digestive system so it could eat so it could defecate and therefore be able to shit on it’s captor’s silly head from a great, great height.

This here doodle is dedicated to You Know Who.

Stay sane. Stay cracking. Have a resplendent weekend.

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