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GFI (Gorgon’s Film Institute)

In The Forest. Here goes yet another chapter of that old caper, the Crappy Movies Rehabilitated series, Brief Encounter sub-section. Like all the previous incarnations, this is a small mystery tale. Why is the mother flower in such a hurry that she has no time to exchange a bit of tittle-tattle with the local fauna? Is she fleeing from a cloak-and-dagger menace? Is she in a foul mood and feeling highly antisocial? Is she rushing to catch the 3.10 to Yuma? Are the jumbo worms all they seem to be? Do psychic leeches lurk in the tall grass? Is the painted backcloth sky going to turn an abrupt somersault and reveal its other side? Is there life before death? Questions, questions! and hardly any answers. What a bummer. Well, never mind. Have a glorious weekend and stay out of trouble and, to be on the safe side, out of the tall grass

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