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Maiden With Shawl. Here be another of those noli me tangere lasses that erupt in my graphic world with comforting regularity. This one is particularly not to be messed with. You can debate with her, though. If your disputation is good & proper she’ll be well pleased and she’ll treat you to Belgian chocolates and one of the little wandering stars that dwell inside her cloak. On the other hand, if your arguing is of the “Russia done it because the Guardian says so., variety… well, good luck to your sorry ass, that’s all I can say; her hounds are relentless -they are terriers and nebulously related to the Cagnolitos of Tindalos, don’t you know.

Please note that she’s not the kind of girl who shaves that which should not be shaved, but to make up for such defiant shamelessness (not to mention the fashion heresy) she has nothing else to hide, except for what she has in her hands, which she keeps well under wraps. A girl must have a secret or two, innit?

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