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Colombianas. No man may be a hero to his valet but to the Colombian hippos* (Hippopotamus escobarius) gambolling and expanding all along the beautiful Magdalena river, Pablo Escobar certainly is. Me I’m all for hippos anywhere. I’d like to see them in Vicky Park, I would.

A short digression on Pepe Marchena and his delicious invention, the Colombiana. English Flamenco pundits,who like to pontificate on something pretty remote from their emotional frame of reference, are given to demean Marchena and aver, without room for doubt or argument, that he cannot be considered a “Flamenco. and that his creation is not even a genuine “palo., a “canción de ida y vuelta. (yes, look it up by all means). I like to assert, with great glee: To Hell with English Flamenco pundits. A pox on them all.

And here’s your po’ di mu’ for the day and wiki entry about the chubby darlings themselves: (*NB. I know nothing about the reliability of this site but al least it doesn’t demonize the poor wee beasties. There. That deep.)


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