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The New Subnormal

Scandal2. Language matters! For the Nth time: corrupt the language = corrupt the mind = corrupt the behaviours. Today it’s “probably. or “almost certainly., tomorrow will be “your neighbour is a controversial (= evil), dangerous witch/terrorist. and out will come the torches and the pitchforks and the public lynchings. And that nice person next door, who normally would never hurt a fly, will be carried away by the tide of rabies and indulge in such abhorrent actions that would frighten the very Great Old Ones our of their dogmatic slumbers.

But it’s no good going on like this. The Holy Guardian (or it twin sister the Daily Mail, or the Sacred New York Times) and the BBC, or the rest of the whorish indentured MSM will propagate this kind of piffle and most people will believe it because…well, they are “prestigious. and “balanced. and “impartial. and they always check their facts (via the highly reputable Bellingcat, of course) and they always, always tell the truth, don’t they?

Have a spiffing week. Soon it might not be possible to have one.

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