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Identikit2. In these ghastly days of All-Pervading Hysteria and Heightened Sensibilities everyone seems to be running around like headless chickens, and falling over themselves to (pretend to) apologize for something, or flogging sundry dead horses. Or defining themselves -against what is never very clear.

So, for once, as an exception to my excellent guiding principle of “Never Join a Trendy Trend, Never Be Charlie., I’ve decided to join in the fun & games and I have demarcated myself. The inspiration was sent to me by the Mother of Bumba in the middle of the night a few days ago and solidified after a recent conversation with my little brother, for whom this here doodle is, as he’s the only one who’ll get the double in-joke without even breaking sweat.

My LB tells me that along with the taxonomy I also must produce a Mission Statement, a Plan of Action and possibly a mind-catching slogan or two. I’ll try and accommodate.

The Designation, Mission Statement, Action Plan and Catchy Slogan are all in Spanish because is the only language that makes sense in this context. So, for the benefit of the kind half dozen people who follow my graphic rant-o-meter, I have produced some very fast & loose translations.

Definition: Unidad de desatino inasequible al escarmiento. (Unity of nonsense impervious to reprimand))

Mission Statement: Antes muerta! Pur juder. (Sooner dead. Because.)

Plan of Action (temporary & subject to availability): Que les den morcilla! (Let them eat croissants.)

Catchy slogan No. 33½: Absolutamente TODAS las vidas importan .“meno las de Henry Kissinger, Mike Pompeo, Dominic Cummings, Steve Bannon y calaña de este tipo. (Absolutely ALL lives matter .“except Henry Kissinger’s, Mike Pompeo’s, Dominic Cummings’s, Steve Bannon’s and scum of that ilk.)

Have a lovely week

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