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The Watcher. This is a reproduction of the stained glass rosette that graced the front of the old decrepit church at the top of Federal Hill, Providence, RI, where the cult of the Starry Wisdom took temporary residence until its outlandish shenanigans became too much and the local authorities closed it down and disbanded the faithful. Officially, at least. Years down the timelines, some idiot called Blake stirred things up and there were more numinous carry-ons and subsequent mystical trouble. To cut the story short, the church kind of blew itself up, or the Dweller in Darkness, or Haunter of the Dark, or whatever preternatural thingummybob inhabiting the steeple, blew it up whilst effecting its escape. Or some such shit. The Rosette, naturally, shattered into microscopic smithereens and became a dust so fine that was able to infiltrate the eyes, and then the brains and finally the DNA of many local politicians. The rest, alas, is history. It does kind of explain Trump, Henry Kissinger and Dominic Cummings, innit?
On a totally unrelated note (but I include it here because it cheers me up): it’s been SO nice to see Bojo bite the dust spectacularly. Mustn’t get complacent, though. This kind of Terminators have a knack of picking themselves up, dusting the opposition down and starting all over again!and again!and again. Just like the many dwellers in darkness of old. Eyes peeled, people!

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