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Exotic Tribes & Fraternities

Tribal Squiggle2. Something cheery and colourful for the weekend. This are the Four Tadpoles of the Apocrylapsus and their All-Singing, All-Dancing Hermeneutic Bludgeons. They be the official badge of the Awkward Gits Syndicate clan of Lippy IV, near the Seven Sisters in the constellation of Taurus. They, the Gits, that is, dislike Freud and worship nothing and nobody, but are very, very fond of speaking harmless piffle as if it were gospel. They are friends of the Shoggies and the Li-Lo and they visit us whenever they can. They are superb cooks and, like the Shoggies, great collectors of silly jokes; the sillier the better. Would that their emblematic tadpoles were dwelling in in 10 Downing St!

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