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Virgo. The Celestial Maiden. Sometimes known as The Cornmaiden. Earth. Mutable. In cahoots with the more sedate side of Mercury, she’s a more reticent communicator than the Heavenly Twins and she often keeps her thoughts to herself. Both intellectual and practical, highly discerning and very good at dismantling flimflam, she’s intensely analytical and will sometimes dissect concepts, theories and philosophies to mincemeat, especially under stress or if she’s in a wayward mood. Self-contained and complete, she belongs to no-one but herself and takes no shit from anyone. That’s the true meaning of her virginity. She could take a thousand lovers, or none, and she’d still remain her own girl. She only dances with her shadow. Ancient cultures saw her as a both an Earth Mother of sorts and the Queen of Heaven, hence the generic veggie on her left hand and the universe on her right. Our own Earth lies quiescent at her feet. Let’s hope she’ll nor decide to play football with it if we annoy her beyond endurance.

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Name: Dolores

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