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Gardener’s Delight

In The Garden. As every gardener worth her muck knows robust, healthy roots bring forth vigorous plants which will produce prosperous flowers which in due course will become delicious fruit. Now, to have strong roots you need good soil. Good soil relies on on good manure. Good manure is largely based on waste matter; so, by all means, pile up the doodoo. However, do NOT attempt to nourish your soil with reprocessed politicians of the Dominic Cummings or the Gavin “Spiderman. Williamson ilk. Yes, they are excrement, pure tapeworm droppings one and all, but not the kind of guano your veggies will be at ease with. There is wholesome shit and pestilential shit. Now you know.
This scrap of horticultural advice was brought to you by the Alternative Gardener’s Question Time.
Have a splendid week.
PS. This is for me mate, The Dude, who’s been having problems with his melons, of late. Also because the background of this pic is in tune with his latest spirographic productions. In fact is a wee tribute to them. Cheers, compadre!

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