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DIY Guide to to Bewildered. I

Socratic Whirls. Real happiness, like true love, is in short supply these days. There’s a lot of ersatz geniality, frenetic joviality, spasmodically hysterical fun and veritable truckloads of prefabricated bliss, but not genuine, fulfilling, life-giving happiness. In part because it’s boycotted, when not actually demonized, by The Man’s Machine because it’s too subversive, and in part because people seem to have forgotten that this rare bird is not to be found in your 10,000 “friends. on the mind-numbing  FaceSoddingBook, or in 20,000 insipidly “inspirational. re-Twits, and even less in the 30,000 “Likes. on any (anti)social media platform. So, as a kind of public service, here are the Socratic Whirls with the first chapter of a kind of do-it-yourself guide to the bewildered hastily clobbered together with the Shoggoths, the Worms and other members of the Family. Enjoy.

And since Barbie is mentioned in the anti-list, here’s a bonus:


To paraphrase Adorno, you gotta laugh because there’s nothing to laugh about. 🙂

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