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In Bugs We Trust

Baby Bug. For Aki Kaurismí¤ki, who puts his trust in Dogs. The Red Mood persists. I’m considering making a copy with the text in Catalan, changing the Boris bits to, say Puigdemont -or any of those pathetic “exiled. non-starters wold-be candidates to the presidency of the Generatitat– and sending it to my little brother, who is suffering greatly under the strain of the ongoooooooing political Panto. A word about the Bug. A few days ago I came across a rather nice interview with the Finnish director Aki Kaurismí¤ki in which, amongst many other things with teeth, says that the world would be better run by a dog, or even a snake, than by the lot of idiots and/or psychopaths  that are running it now. It reminded me of my own assertion that a tadpole (or, for that matter, a bug) could do a better job at managing the whole planet that any of the current politicians and their Meat Puppet-Masters, the International Money Mafias. For the love of Bumba, give me a tadpole to vote for!

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