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Contundí¨ncia.SText says: The Shoggoths and the Club Unpresentables propose. Infallible formula to cleanse the political scene in Catalunya: Decisiveness and De-Mas-ification.
This is for my darling sister Teya and my delicious bro-in-law Joan. Both still grieving and heartbroken and furious at Mr Mas’ shenanigans. It’s all very well for me to take the piss of the man, but they have to live with his folly, and the evil the ghastly clown has already wreaked all over the poor land. Here’s also a wee bit of a poem by perhaps the best poet Catalunya has ever produced. I can’t be bothered to translate, sorry.

Ja no volta l’ós.
He llegit el llibre
del Predicador.
Deso a poc a poc
dintre de la capsa
tots els meus ninots.
Ara he de callar,
que no tinc prou força
contra tant de mal.
D’un mal tan antic
aquesta veu feble
no et sabrí  guarir

Salvador Espriu. Perquí¨ un dia torni la cançó a Sinera.

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