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SeaFair.SIt’s Roll up! Roll up! and Gather ’round time once more. Come see the latest in Outlandish Funfairs. Opening its Gates next week, three miles due east of Devil Reef and under the very noses of the Pentarchy of the Church of Father Dagon (Innsmouth, Mass.). Try your luck at the wondrous Heisenbergian Wheel of Uncertainty, several notches up from the old mundane Wheel of Fortune, and bet your life on the companion circle of the Fuzzy Pentacles of Fluke. (Health & Safety compliant.) Scrumptious fairground fare catering for all tastes, even vegetarians and vegans. Goody-bags like you’ve never seen before freely dispensed by the Perennially Dazed Glowworms: Sassy Mocking Maracas to aggravate David Cameron! Infuriating alien Espantasuegras -hand crafted by genuine lunatics in Leuret, Aragon, to drive Hilary Clinton ’round the bend! Cornucopias of Bliss and Ice Cream for the Soul to provoke the ire of the ghost of Milton Friedman! And more, much more. Admission is free, naturally, as are the various other events taking place in the fringes of the fairground, but booking is recommended owing to the massive popularity of this kind of shindigs amongst astute and discriminating folks. Gaudeamus organized by Rosie, BoomBoom and Bubbles (Shoggoths) and sponsored by the Mi-Go and the Rosa Luxemburg International Charitable Foundation, following the enormous success of Leo “BigNose” McGurk’s Polydimensional Flying Circus. We think a new trend is on the make. Hope also floats…

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