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Nightmare Factories -The New Batch.

I’ve been reading some more Thomas Ligotti, my latest literary love. So, this post’s title is a tribute of sorts. Not so much the content. The first one has absolutely nothing to do with him; it’s just a wee loony tune with a low-grade political content about communication problems and a gentle clash of civilisations: vegetarians and carnivores. They don’t speak the same language, do they? The second one is something I found out there, in the infinite, chaotic cyberspace. I wish I’d knew the author of it so that I could send them a wee note of congratulation. Happy aniversary, Brother Martin! Now, stop turning in your grave, love; it will all come out in the wash, when we blow ourselve to smithereens and the planet is left to the rats and the bugs and the Shoggies. Rest in peace, Civil Liberties. It was nice meeting you, however briefly. Update 10/09/13 The saga dis-continues. Here be another chapter of the infamous Return to Kadath. I only did it because I fancied doing a wee bitching yak and some blobbettes holding…tentacles?  That deep. The dancing creatures are a Proto-Shoggoth, fierce variety, and a cousin of the delicious Venus of Wilendorf. They dance a juju dance, to sink bully empires -or al lest put big, big spanners in their damnable works. And the colourful one is for Ash, who would have been 49 on 29 August. I like to think that his errant particles have taken over the body of a wee butterfly and are now in turn trying to take over some poor sod’s head; or at least do it in. (Big grin comes unbidden to my lips.) Expect CERN to anounce, soon, the news of the dicovery of the Ash boson… Double grin. Update 12/09/13 And this closes this post. For all true cognoscenti of quality pubs. Mud in your bulbous eye!

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