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Life Plods On

Or rather, trundles on. Some days staggers on, or, more precisely, wobbles forth, according to the levels of pain and crappy balance. Still, it goes, amazingly enough. And here’s Rosie to attest to that. The weather has turned yet again and after a few days of sunshine it’s back to the grey skies and the threat of drizzle. And it’s fucking cold, for June. But Rosie insists that spring is here and she won’t be denied. Atta girl! Update 01/07/13 Yet another discontinuous chapter of R.t.K. As this here touching little scene shows, the earlier mentioned subversive power of ice cream and teddy bears, with the latest addition of Bach, continues to create havoc in the Cold Waste. The dissatisfaction and the disaffection are growing as thick as George W. Bush’s brain. I’ll  wager that Azathtoth will rue the day he banished poor old Imogen. And it will serve the stupid bugger right! Pah… Peasant… Update 08/07/13 The fight and its side-effects continue. The Commentariat…well, they comment. That’s what they do, bless their neatly starched dogmatic socks. Personally I’m with them, on this one. Avanti, o popolo! Pls note how the GorgoMormo (who grows more beautiful every day, just as the Shub-Niggurath grows more ineffable), has reverted to her original fickle party-girl mode and  is about to fall in love with one of the Blobbettes. Or one of the Blobbttes is about to fall in love with her. Hard to tell. Things can get a wee bit confused in the Cold Waste, at dusk. Update 14/07/13 Happy Bastille Day to you all, mes enfants! To celebrate, here’s the latest discontinuity in the R.to K. saga. According to the literary version, that is. Zippy, after persuading Carter that she means him no harm, quite the opposite, has taken him to the Gorgon, to see if she will help. Etc. Please note that the famed Panama hat’s going down really well. Obviously, it pays to abandon Bostonian sartorial restrain, it does. Update 10/08/13 The Story of Oops has officially resumed. See our intrepid heroes face new perils, find new friends and allies and generally have a righteous rumpus. More power to their pseudopods, that’s what I say. Please note that in the last vignette, they seem to be carrying a wee bit of extra “luggage”. The little Quasi-Bat Things are on the verge of a spectacular uprising, methinks… Update 22/08/13 And this closes this post. Another orphan chapter of Return to Kadath. Carter, Boom-Boom and the Trouble Teddy, on their way soemewhere or other, come before the Snotty Moon, guardian of some Gate or other. Colourful insults, idle threats, specious slander and Cold Waste gossip are exchanged, just as a matter of form. Our heroes win the contest thanks to the viperine tonge of the Teddy* and Boom-Boom powers of unlogic and they are granted access to the Tunnels. * (As the Thessalian witch never tires of saying, nothing is too small or too cute to be dangerous.)


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