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After the Agony, the Extasis. Here’s the semi-final version of The Sound Of Music. There may be changes


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Name: Dolores

2 Replies to “Voila!”

  • …something new, something furter, please! May be a fox saying something like: ” Chaos is everywhere! ” ?
    That could help a little Danish pig to feel taken in consideration a bit! ( I always tought that those Danish melted cheese little triangles with ham inside are awful; that’s the reason why little Danish pigs get so depressed and come to believe that the world they live in is a creation of the Antichrist!

  • Dolores Post author

    Not sure what you mean, but if it’s something new you want, check my latest post: Animal Farm
    Danish Piggies wot try to direct filums wot nobody really likes, ought to be defenestrated on sight. See how they like it, going around with no fenestrates. Ha!


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