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Won’t You Take Me To The Movies?

The Rehab Lab With Platypuses Saga continues. This one should piss off all the right people. But Norman would like it, I’m sure. Coming soon: The Railway Children. 10/03/09 And here it is, as promised. 14/03/09 And today is…nuns! Have a pre-peek at the shape of things to come.

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Name: Dolores

4 Replies to “Won’t You Take Me To The Movies?”

  • francesca bertini

    Que tiernos los animalicos y que mala leche en el barco, ;o))….

  • Dolores Post author

    Tiernos, tiernos…no se. El ke se la pira esta super-cabreao. El k esta lagrimoso el su compadrito, k se keda e igual le mandan a su ninio a hacer la “mili”. Una tiene la impresion de k no se va a kedar mucho mas tiempo… PD. Esto (k la gente se va) esta pasando verdaderamente. Ayve!

  • Like any not-British european Cityzen I know nothing about “The Railway Children” saga (…sorry, we are not interested!) but it’s just nice to see children of three different sizes (the larger with a ribbon on her right head’s side) ready to be slaughtered by the weels of a locomotive with the evident approval of a sinister individual and three cryptic hens!

  • There isn’t a single valid reason for the English to be interested in The Railway Children either, let alone like it. The English only pretend (or fool themselves, or something) that they do because “it’s SOOOOO English…” This must be said in a tone of unconditional and brainless adoration of the collective self (another figment of their imagination) and more than a touch of ersatz sweetener in their voices. …Oh, don’t get me started…….
    The sinister character is our good old friend, Cohen the Barbarian, who’s kindly volunteered to play the part of the Russian. Come to think of it, he was damn eager to do it. The chickens are Merryl, Sherryl and Edwina, gone commando. Please note that Merryl has stolen a pair of SAS boots for the occasion, and even shy, retiring Edwina, has a glimmer of glee in her eye.
    Coming soon: The Sound of Music


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