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Update 13/08/08

The place of Class War now usurped by The Secret Life of Beagles. And there are two new pages, one with yet more animals and Spikky’s rant page.

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Name: Dolores

5 Replies to “Update 13/08/08”

  • Pay Lulu a ferry tiket to Oostende, after ashoring there she can galopp to Gent and get into Saint Bavo Chatedral before 6PM. Paying 2 Euros she will be allowed to be in front of the Mistic Lamb and say “Baaaahh…Humbug!”. Obviously she will be requested to report his answer!

  • Has somebody remarked the exquisite depiction of a very peculiar psyacological condition, simply and sharply expressed by the world “…Hey!” , wich is the one of the flowers remarking the unusual, even if not yet clearly formed, attention to them , of the young and innocent (!!!???), handsom leopard Oloufemi Mubarak?

  • Caro Barone,
    Please note: young Olufemi might be spotted but he’s totally blameless, let alone innocent. I don’t employ crooks as head of my secret service, what!
    Lulu says she can’t be bothered to go all the way to Gent to say something she says at nauseam at home, everyday, at no cost and involving no effort. Sorry. She gets stroppier and lazier with age, see…

  • francesca bertini

    Uy, acabo de decir en un post que la genet deja mensajes / cartoline…..no habí­a visto los del Attilio, que me hacen sentir con un QI de 70.
    Además, que inglés sabe el maldito! La envidia me corroe….grrrrrrrrrr

  • Now, now… Tu ingles va la mar de bien. En cuanto me publiken mi novelon (ha!) te mando una copia y asi lo perfeccionas un pelin y aprendes la tira palabrotas y expresiones castizas, k tambien haylas en ingles, look you.
    Ademas, el Caffarena, hace siglos k no me deja ni medio mensaje, el muy malo…


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